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Washing machine repairs

Functioning appliances are the cornerstone of every American home.  Millions of people rely on washers and dryers to clean their laundry, dishwashers to ensure there are clean dishes available for every member of the family, stoves and ovens to prepare delicious meals in, and microwaves to heat up the leftovers from those meals.  Remember that feeling of inconvenience when one of those appliances breaks.  It’s almost shocking one appliance failure can completely throw off the flow and synergy created by these devices.  Luckily, Northland Appliance Service is here to make sure this doesn’t affect you.

From dishwashers to trash compactors, we have the skill, knowledge, and expertise to have your appliances back up and running better than before, making your satisfaction our number one priority.  Come in today or give us a call, we’re all waiting here to help you!

Northland Appliance Service
4798 Maple Grove Rd
Hermantown, MN 55811

Phone: (218) 722-9594

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Northland Appliance ServiceNorthland Appliance Service in Hermantown, MN are manufacturer certified appliance repairmen.